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"The fruits of the faith of the artist direct our thoughts to God and nourish in us the desire to draw from the source of all beauty."
-Pope Benedict XVI

Our work includes sacred images from vintage holy card collections and Old Masters' art works.  These images are beautifully transferred onto canvases.  An appropriate prayer, scripture passage, quote or hymn is on the reverse side, along with memorial celebration dates referencing the image.  The canvases are framed with an antique gold scroll cording and adorned with satin ribbon.  They can be used as seasonal ornaments or home accessories, each drawing one into a meditation of the sacred image.


Latest Collection



A lifelong love of holy cards and heavenly images created by the most famous artists of all time has inspired our vast collection of these special sacramentals. 

The masterful paintings portrayed on these cards are a reflection of the truth and beauty of the saints and sacred images they honor.


Following a desire to share these images in a special way, a transfer and framing technique was developed to produce beautiful and unique objects.  They tell a story, or a special detail of a larger story that connect us to contemplation of our final destination. 


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